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Alaska Marine Highway

Alaska has a bounty of beautiful waterways. The Alaskan waterways play an integral role in the state.. Be sure and check out our Alaska water pages including: Alaska's Coastline, Alaska's Lakes, and Alaska's Rivers Some of Alaska's great lakes include: Aleknagik LakeBecharof Lake, Clark Lake liamna Lake, and  Minchumina Lake
















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We are located in Citrus County, the geographic center of Florida. Decades of community determination have saved the precious coastal marshes, the pure, clean-running springs and the rivers and lakes from the development and pollution that are so prevalent elsewhere. Today, as in centuries past, a visitor to our area  can find nature at it's best. 

From the saltwater pursuits in the Gulf of Mexico, springs, rivers and subtropical fauna and flora in Citrus County‚Äôs west side, and upland terrain drifting down to large freshwater lakes crying out for anglers, swimmers and boaters over on the east side, this is truly a part of the nature coast you will want to experience.  West Indian Manatees, those large, beloved marine mammals that graze underwater vegetation, are frequent visitors to the Crystal River area, because they cannot tolerate the wintertime chilly water of the Gulf of Mexico. Manatees prefer the steady 72-degrees of the spring-fed river. Together with neighboring Homosassa, Crystal River is the site of the largest gathering of manatees in North America and the only place in the nation where people can legally swim and snorkel with them.

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alaska is home to the grizzly bear

glaciers are one of alaskas biggest tourist attractions

Alaska's Volcanoes:

Alaska contains over 100 volcanoes Over 40 of these have been active in our historic time.

Learn more about Alaskan volcanoes

Akutan Augustine Cleveland
Iliamna Novarupta/ Katmai Pavlof
Redoubt Mt. Spurr Wrangell